Preparing SLPs for Tracheostomy & Ventilator Patient Care Training Course

Presented by: Nashville Speech & Swallowing Specialists, PLLC

REGISTRATION OPEN NOW for June 1st & June 2nd, 2019 Training Courses


Training Course Reviews

"I was lucky enough to take the course Preparing SLPs For Tracheostomy & Ventilator Patient Care provided by Dr. Fisher. I had ZERO hands on experience with someone who had a tracheostomy. I needed some way to get some experience and what’s better than a HANDS ON course?! Dr. Fisher and her team provided a great CEU! This course provided me with the foundation that I was certainly desperate to find and needed. I gained so much by attending this course and HIGHLY RECOMMEND this phenomenal course! This course is definitely for those needing a foundation and I can absolutely see how this course could supplement those SLPs who need some extra knowledge in providing assessment and treatment for those patients in this population. You learn about our role when it comes to swallowing and speaking, NPO, aspiration PNA, Oral Care, collaboration with other disciplines, and how we can best serve those with tracheostomies as well as those who are ventilator dependent. Dr. Fisher and her team provide you with information that you can use on Monday, I know I did."

- Bryan Barnes, MS, CCC-SLP

"Absolutely the best course I have taken for trach and vent education. I have been searching for quite some time for more training with this specific population and am ever so thankful to have found Dr. Fisher’s course! I loved the hands-on training; very informative and beneficial! All of the instructors were knowledgeable, skilled, and were wonderful in teaching and helping me feel more comfortable and educated with trach/vent patients. As a speech pathologist that had little to no training with trachs/vents, and felt so lost when it came to this population, I highly recommend this course! This course has given me the knowledge and confidence to better serve my patients! When I returned to my job I was able to utilize the new information and skills immediately!" 

- Katie Durham, MCD, CCC-SLP


Course Dates: Your choice of either Saturday June 1, 2019 OR Sunday June 2, 2019

Purpose: An introductory, practical course designed for SLP Participants with little to no experience with patients using tracheostomy, ventilators and speaking-valves. Anatomy/physiology, assessment, therapy, devices & equipment, & effective collaboration with other professionals were discussed. Hands-on laboratories provided practice with device placement & suctioning procedures.

SLP Participants: CCC-SLP, CF-SLP, & SLP Students 

Objectives: As a result of this activity, participants will be able to…

– Identify a) anatomy and physiology associated tracheostomy, b) causes and reasons for a tracheostomy, c) parts and types of tracheostomy tubes, d) multiple types of speaking valves and their function in restoring voicing/verbalization, e) classification of ventilation, how mechanical ventilators work including: modes on a ventilator and setting on a ventilator.

– Define and identify the Speech-Language Pathologist role and responsibility including providing communication and dysphagia assessment/therapy.

– Define and identify the role and responsibility of other vital professionals (i.e., respiratory therapist, nurses, primary care doctor, pulmonologist, otolaryngologist, gastroenterologist, etc.) for effective collaboration.

– Perform tracheostomy tube cuff deflation/cuff inflation, placement of multiple types of speaking valves on a) tracheostomy collar and b) in-line on ventilator allowing voice restoration and swallow function assistance.

– Perform sterile suctioning procedures required to address secretion management.

Course Agenda:

8:00am to 5:00pm

  • Anatomy & Physiology Review

  • Tracheostomy-Tubes & Speaking Valves

  • Respiratory Therapist’s Role/Responsibilities: Assessment, Therapy, & Mechanical Ventilators

  • SLP’s Role/Responsibilities: Communication/Dysphagia Assessment & Therapy

  • NPO Status, Aspiration Pneumonia & Oral Care

  • Small Group, Hands-on Training Sessions with Clinical Simulations

  • Discussion & Course Administration

Faculty & Disclosures:

  • Jamie D. Fisher, Ph.D., CCC-SLP: Tracheostomy & Ventilator Patient Care Training Course Director, SLP at Nashville Speech & Swallowing Specialist, university professor, endoscopist, 10+ years clinical experience. Disclosures - Financial: Paid course director and presenter. Non-Financial: None

  • Karen Brown, Ph.D., CCC-SLP: SLP, previous university professor, endoscopist, 20+ years clinical experience. Disclosures - Financial: Paid course presenter. Non-Financial: None

  • Jyoti Arelli, BSH, RRT: Respiratory Therapist at National Healthcare Corporation, 20+ years of clinical experience. Disclosures - Financial: Paid course presenter. Non-Financial: None

  • Kimberly Thompson, MS, CCC-SLP: SLP at West Meade Place Healthcare Center, 10+ years of clinical experience. Disclosures - Financial: Paid course presenter. Non-Financial: None

  • Solomon Titus, BA, RRT: Respiratory Therapist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center Hospital, 5+ years of clinical experience. Disclosures - Financial: Paid course presenter. Non-Financial: None

  • Tashaundra Bailey, MS, CCC-SLP: SLP at Nashville Rehabilitation Center, 10+ years of clinical experience. Disclosures - Financial: Paid course presenter. Non-Financial: None

Course Credits:

  • Continuing Education Credit: This course is offered for .8 CEU’s (Introductory Level; Professional Area).

  • Clinical Practicum Credit: SLP Students can receive ASHA Clinical Practicum "Clock Hours" from Clinical Simulations completed in this course. Please contact us for more information. Also, SLP students can apply for a Student Scholarship Contest to assist with registration for the Sunday, June 2, 2018 Training Course—> Click here for Scholarship Information.

Course Completion Requirement: Participants are expected to be present for the entire program. Individuals who are not present for the full program will not be recommended for CEUs. No partial credit will be provided.

Course Location: Select Specialty Hospital, 2004 Hayes Street, Nashville, Tennessee. All courses held on first floor, Charity Hall Education Facility. CLICK HERE for facility map.

Hotel Accommodations: Hotel accommodations are at the discretion of the participant. Several hotels are located in close vicinity (1 to 3 blocks) of Select Specialty Hospital.

Lunch: Menu-based lunch provided by Nashville Speech & Swallowing Specialists, PLLC

Registration Fee: $247.50 ($240.00 training course fee inclusive of training, training manual, training/practice supplies and materials, certificate, lunch/snacks + $7.50 online payment processing fee). All major credit/debit cards accepted. Space limited to 30 participants to accommodate small group and individual training.

Training Course Cancellation Policy: No refunds of online payment processing fee. 100% of training course fee will be refunded if cancellation is received prior to May 1, 2019. 50% of training course fee will be refunded if cancellation is received May 1 - May 14, 2019. No refunds if cancelled on May 15, 2019 and thereafter. Cancellation must be in writing. All refunds returned following course date.

For More Information or Special Needs contact our CEU-Training Course Director:

Dr. Jamie Fisher at 615-375-6695 or