Annual CHS Alumni Give-Back Service Project

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Dr. Jamie D. Fisher of Nashville Speech & Swallowing Specialists, PLLC is Director and proud sponsor of the Annual Louisville Central High School (CHS) Alumni Give-Back Service Project: Career Day & Scholarship Award Contest. This service project is conducted in dedication and loving memory of Thomas M. Belak (teacher at Central High School and school philanthropist) and Mr. James Howard Fisher (Jamie’s Dad and community philanthropist).


The overall goal and objective of The CHS Alumni Give-Back is to expand students’ educational horizon by providing an opportunity from CHS Alumni and working professionals to (1) learn about various careers options, (2) get assistant with college letters of intent and job resume, (3) engage in mentor-mentee relationships, and (4) apply for college scholarship opportunities.

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CHS Alumni take great pride in this project and put forth a lot of effort to do more than “just talk to kids about jobs”. Through the Alumni Give-Back, CHS Alumni strive to provide a specialized, unique experience for CHS Magnet Students by volunteering their time to conduct high-quality presentations, participating in meaningful activities, and engaging in mentor-mentee relationships regarding careers/professional work, writing college letters of intent/job resumes, and applying for college and scholarships. We also provide $1000+ in scholarship awards for students.

For more information about the CHS Alumni-Give Back please contact Dr. Jamie D. Fisher at


Dr. Fisher giving a FEES demonstration to CHS Pre-Medical Magnet High School Students during the Alumni Give-Back Service Project

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Sponsor 4 Success

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Dr. Jamie D. Fisher of Nashville Speech & Swallowing Specialists, PLLC serves on the Board of Directors of the non-profit organization: Sponsor 4 Success.  The mission of Sponsor 4 Success Inc. (“S4S”) is to improve the living and economic conditions in poor and under-served communities. S4S achieves its purpose by sponsoring (i) the children and young adults of financially challenged parents and helping them to defer the cost of educational, athletic and vocational programs, (ii) disadvantaged senior citizens’ cost of minor home repairs, and (iii) the programs of schools and other nonprofit organizations and more. 

S4S sponsoring activities are supported mostly by public donations made in support of a specific crowd-funding campaign or in general support of S4S mission via its website, In addition to web-based fundraising, S4S engages in traditional fund development utilizing email, phone, and in-person solicitations.

S4S’s past, present, and future sponsoring activities provide resources and access to opportunities that put kids and keep young adults and families on the path to success, and empower neighborhood-citizen engagement.

For more information regarding S4S please visit